There’s nothing like a bit of reflection… 🙂

Born in London in 1969, I had already seen the WHO live at the Isle of Wight concert while in my mums womb.

My interest in the Great Outdoors developed at school when a number of great people got me interested in rocks, skiing and outdoor pursuits. At this stage I took up geology and have not looked back since.

Like most students, I had a number of jobs to get me through to University, most notably as a  car mechanic at Allen Autos (good old Ernie!), and now am a little addicted to classic cars, and have a 1966 Jag.

(cue compulsory pictures of my classic car)

Cardiff University Crest

Cardiff University

The University of Liverpool Crest

Liverpool University

Before I headed off to University I went on a British Schools Exploration Society Expedition to Arctic Norway, playing around on glaciers and ice caps. A great experience which set me up for my studies.

University beckoned and I spent a large part of my liver at Cardiff for undergraduate and then Liverpool for my PhD…yes I am a Doctor of Rocks ….which is a bit scary!!

‘Sausages’ I hear you say as I headed to Würzburg University in Germany for my first job which got me started working in Namibia, Africa.

This is one of the most beautiful places on the planet and I am eternally grateful to friends and colleagues at Würzburg for making that happen.

Wurzburg University Logo
Africa lava flows
Durham University

For 13 years I was at Durham University at the Earth Sciences Department where I travelled the globe looking at volcanoes, deserts, mountains and a great variety of Earths active systems.

It’s a great planet and there is a lot we can learn from its past and how the geology interacts with wildlife and Man.

In June 2011 I jumped into the deep end and left Durham University setting up DougalEARTH Ltd.

At DougalEARTH I am involved in consultancy/research/media and teaching into various aspects of our planet.

Most recently I have started initiatives into Science outreach and popular science entertainment. Aiming to make science more accessible to the general public and promoting our understanding of the Planet. My virtual home is DougalEARTH, but my real place is out there looking and sharing the wonders of Earth Science.

If you would like to me to help with your project, then please get in touch.

Outreach and Popular Entertainment