Dougal Jerram is an award winning Earth Scientist, with over 15 years post PhD experience, offering earth science consultancy in a broad range of areas.
He has authored books, over 50 peer reviewed papers, edited on key subjects, and has done fieldwork in an array of locations around the world. With specialisation in volcanics, rifted basins, field/regional geology and petrology, DougalEARTH offers a range of skills to help with exploration and development in some of the most challenging of areas. DougalEARTH can provide; field workshops, proprietary and multi-client reports, training in volcanics, experienced field assistance, QC on volcanics issues, and geoscience consultancy via remote or in-house postings.

Volcanic Margins

Dougal has undertaken consultancy work in almost all the volcanic margins around the World…

Consultancy Work Around Volcanic Margins

Field Workshops/Training

Training and group exercises in the field should be a critical part of every project involving geosience …

Consultancy Work Involving Field Workshops and Training

Textural Analysis

Textural analysis and petrography have been at the heart of my research since PhD times….

Consultancy Work On Textural Analysis & Petrography

A selection of photos taken during consultancy projects