Dr Dougal A Jerram


I undertake high calibre research aimed at addressing outstanding problems in the Earth Sciences.  My main expertise is in rock microstructure and textural analysis, 2D-3D modelling of textures and volcanic basins, volcanology, sedimentology and field geology, although I have interests in the whole spectrum of Earth Sciences.I am motivated by key scientific challenges in both academic and applied geosciences and have published extensively in both these fields.  In recognition of my early significant contribution to Earth Sciences I was awarded in 2006 the Murchison Fund of the Geological Society, London.

GeolSoc Award – Receiving the MURCHISON FUND for the Geological Society in 2006 for  my early career contribution to  innovative research in textural analysis, volcanology and 3D modelling.

The diverse strands of my research are all linked by the need to fully quantify geological phenomena in 3D, at all scales of observation. In some instances 3D data  can be collected simply, with little need for high tech equipment to achieve very successful and meaningful results. In other examples state of the art technology can be used to capture and analyse the 3D information (e.g. x-ray CT, laser scanning).

My research projects include; field based studies of flood basalt provinces and their associated basins (e.g. North Atlantic Igneous Province, Parana-Etendeka etc.) constructing 3D facies models of key onshore analogues; combined field and lab based studies on active volcanic systems (e.g. Stromboli, Tiede); and detailed 2D and 3D analysis of rocks. Projects involve PhD students, Postdoctoral researchers and international collaborations.

You can see my latest research statistics on GOOGLE Scholar here.