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Victor is an island in the Mediterranean Sea with high hopes. He wants to be a volcano and burst with fiery pride, but how? He must go on a journey of discovery to find out the secrets of how volcanoes dance and sing.

This tale follows Victor on a colourful and explosive journey that introduces children to the wonderful world of volcanoes and where they are found. Author Dougal Jerram, a Professor in Volcanic Rocks, has used his expertise and passion to bring volcanoes to life for young children. The learning pages in the back of the book include a map of the world showing the continents where the volcanoes that are featured in the book are located and the Inside the Volcano explains the internal workings of a volcano. A great story with a valuable education message for children and a useful guide for both parents and teachers.

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This is the first book in the Dr Volcano series for children 🙂 It is a story about an island that wants to be a volcano. It also contains some educational material about volcanoes (for ages 4-9).

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