New Volcanoes of Europe book – Feb 2017

Hi all, it’s been a busy year 2016, with a number of projects on the go and this February 2017 will see the release of Volcanoes of Europe. The all colour second edition, which I have been toiling with over a hot magma chamber for quite a while now, is packed full of new colour [...]

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DK’s Volcano Ultimate Sticker Book

Delve down into the Earth and discover how volcanoes form, in DK's Volcano Ultimate Sticker Book, with more than 250 reusable stickers. Each page has an explosive activity that encourages children to learn about our Earth through matching stickers and completing puzzles. Follow the journey of lava as it erupts up and out of a [...]

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Utterly Amazing Earth – DK Dorling Kindersley/Penguin Random House 2017

I authored the books and helped with some of the content that goes into them. Fun stuff for Kids to get into the Earth and volcanoes. Utterly Amazing Earth is a jaw-dropping pop-up book packed with fascinating facts about our amazing planet. Go deep below the Earth's crust to discover earth shattering facts. From volcanoes [...]

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VMAPP project finished!!

Wow a fantastic effort by all involved and we now have finished the first phase of the project ‘Volcanic Margin Petroleum Prospectivity- VMAPP’. This is a big multi-client industry report and training manual set, developed to help those in industry understand more about volcanic rocks. We have packed a lot into 5 core modules [...]

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